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Breakdown: Rust (2015)

Short / 22 Minutes / Baselight


11-year-old Georgie lives with her 65-year-old Grandfather, Henry, in a crumbling old farm up in Northern England. Despite the large age gap, the two appear one and the same. They’re both fierce but withdrawn individuals: Henry, staunch and stuck in his ways; Georgie, small but headstrong, shaped by the world around her. It’s a harsh, almost lawless world: barren fields, abandoned barns, sparse frozen countryside for miles and miles around. The sense of loss is palpable; where once their farm had thrived, now it lies virtually abandoned, no livestock, no livelihood, no future. 

Shot entirely on location in Thirsk, the main challenges with Rust involved maintaining continuity during sometimes significant shifts in natural light.  The final look involved removing the natural green hues of the location to reflect the decaying environment around the protagonists whilst maintaining contrast and saturation of the scene, for an aethetic that's  that could be simulatenously bleak but not drab.